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Monday, August 20, 2007

Causes of Autism

Many of research's group are collecting data about autism case, but until now there is no exact causes of autism was reported. Recently, genetic and environmental factors are being studied as possible causative factors.

Environmental, metabolic, and immunologic factors are support to the development of the disorder in child who diagnosed as autism. Heritability contributes about 90% of the risk of a child developing autism, but the genetics of autism are complex and typically it is unclear which genes are responsible as causes of autism.

Research has reported that the Autism is probably caused by Genetic, Bad Parenting, Obstetric Complication, Deficiency of Immune System and Vaccination (MMR):
  • Autism Cause by genetic.
    A genetic contribution to the development of autism has been hypothesized, many studies have shown that the parents from families with autistic members are more likely to have autistic children. A large-scale research study conducted by a team based at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) in Long Island, N.Y reported that a combination of heredity and spontaneous genetic mutation is at the root of most cases of autism.

    Other studies also have demonstrated that some asymptomatic first-degree relatives of some probands with autism have abnormalities in serotonin and other chemicals similar to the probands with autism.

  • Autism Cause by Bad Parenting.
    How many years ago, Dr. Kanner, the man who first identified autism as a unique condition, made a researchers hypothesized that infantile autism resulted from rejection of the infant by cold parents ("refrigerator mothers").

    But he was wrong, many of careful family studies have disproved that the development of autistic disorder in children is due to faulty parenting.

  • Autism Cause by Obstetric Complication.
    Some opinion they say that may be the autism associated with an obstetric complication, also this is not clear argument.

  • Autism Caused by Atypical Brain Development.
    A child with autism has difference size of brain (large) compared to the others child that who has normal life. On the autism case also their brains are more "wired", This research recently ongoing at the University of Pittsburgh.

  • Autism Cause by Deficiency of Immune System.
    Some research reported that the autism can be cause by other physical issues related to immune deficiency. This is not yet strong enough to show the causes of autism.

  • Autism Caused by Vaccination (MMR).
    Another reasearch suggested that the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccination may have been one possible environmental trigger that led to intestinal abnormalities, resulting in impaired intestinal function and developmental regression.


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